Drip Therapy 360 offers a comprehensive selection of therapeutic solutions formulated to boost immunity, Energize, Revitalize, and Rejuvenate. IV Therapy is a safe, rapid solution to alleviate common symptoms of many acute and chronic diseases. 


Every Drip Therapy 360 session includes a complimentary consultation and diagnostic review. With the help of a board-certified specialist, we deliver a bespoke and exclusive experience during which results become evident immediately.  

IV therapy allows fluids to enter directly into your bloodstream, resulting in immediate effects. In doing so, your body is capable of absorbing all of the nutrients from the IV drip. When taking the same medications, vitamins, and supplements orally, the body's absorption rate is much lower. Additionally, it would take several hours to ingest, whereas the IV therapy session lasts anywhere from 45 to 75 minutes.

The effects of the infusion are felt immediately, with little to no downtime. It's an instant rejuvenation that typically lasts for many days.

Overview of Appointment 

Patient Check-In 


Review of Systems 

Specialist Consultations 



A wide range of blood testing is available, used to evaluate your overall health and detect a variety  disorders. 

Checking vitamin levels, and several components and features of your blood.



Our specialists  are waiting to cater to your health & wellness needs. All patients must have a consultation prior to receiving any treatment. At Drip Therapy 360 we provide a bespoke experience based on your bodies biochemistry.

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